About us

At Walding & Sons, we are truly antique enthusiasts! Our forefathers awe-inspiring creations are the foundation for the comfort and security we experience today. What began as a hobby for Gary Walding over 32 years ago has evolved into a successful commerce for the Walding & Sons family. Professional, courteous interaction combined with thorough knowledge of our products are the staples of what we are about. At Walding & Sons, we encourage you to become a part of history today!

Walding Station offers a wide array of remarkable historic memorabilia that is displayed for your enjoyment throughout the entire station. Come feast your eyes on our 1920's taffy wrapper machine and taste our saltwater taffy while strolling through the museum. Maybe a hot cup of coffee is your 'cup of tea'. We stock our shelves with a variety of fresh coffee beans, ensuring we have the right flavour to please every palate. If that's not enough, come by and have a look at our antique Ice Cream Parlour, have a seat at the counter, and enjoy ice cream in the same fashion as it was enjoyed in years passed. Walding Station is fit for everyone. Whether you and your family are looking for an adventure away from home, or you would like to treat that special someone with a day to remember, Walding Station promises to deliver a spectacular memorable event.

It would be our pleasure to have you as our guest.

The Walding Station Team